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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Because sometimes they seem

to disappear into cyberspace never to be seen again, here's a copy of the email that should have arrived in your inbox in the last couple of days.

Dear Create & Co Crop Member

We are contacting you to inform you of a small price increase that is due to take affect from the next crop, 26th May. Due to multiple overhead increases we are now needing to make this small increase to ensure that we can continue to cover costs in all areas of the crop costs. We feel that even with this small increase we still represent fantastic value for money, which we are sure you will agree.

You will continue to receive the following;

Over 10 hours of scrapping time.
Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and squash.
Inspiration via samples, print outs and designers.
A kit worth in excess of £5.

From 26th May 2012 the total cost of a Create & Co cropping experience will be just  £10.00, brilliant value when put into real terms of how much per hour your ample cropping space costs - just 50p per hour.

Kindest regards

Create & Co


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