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Thursday, 5 April 2012


No, well maybe but we were a little busy but we're back on track now.

Here's a little round up in numbers from our last crop.

21 Happy scrappers.
5 Create & Co regulars unable to attend and missed.
18 Luscious kits.
1 Sketch.
0 Shop but plenty of second hand goodies to be had.
2 Yummy birthday cakes but just one birthday girl, thanks Karen
40 Meals eaten.
84 Drinks drunk (yes I'm guessing)
100's of totes!!!!!
12 Hours cropping time but still not enough

Countless Laughs

A few of the 100's of totes!!!!!

Are you ready to do it all again?


hotpotato said...

Yep, roll on April 28th.

Karen Louise said...

Sure am counting the days!!!

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