Create and Co

Sunday, 28 August 2011


Funds Raised

Nicola's Stamp Sale - £30.00
Sandra's Cards - £73.00
Shop Donation - £10.00
Raffle - £70.00
Nicola's and Jane's Cakes - £25.80
Ice Cream For Breakfast (dinner and tea!) - sponsored by Ceejay Heating and Eileen £41.10

Total = £249.90

Crop Fee Collection - £167.50
100% of the crop fee will be donatated to GKTW with ScrapaGoGo meeting the costs of the hall and donation of the class kits.

Grand Total = £417.40


Lorraine said...

Thank you very much everyone for coming for ice cream. Harry xxx

hotpotato said...

Wow and double wow......did'nt we all do well, that's an amazing figure to raise. Maybe we could have it as an annual event for Harry's charity.

hotpotato said...

Did Harry enjoy his giant cookie, is there any left.LOL ?

Lorraine said...

:lol: Janina - he has taken the cookie (well the rest of it) to his sleep over at Nanny and Grandad's house.

The successful and happy day was all down to team work and support - LOVE our crop!


Nicola said...

I am thrilled with how well we all did ..a big round of applause to Create & Co. :) xxx

Eileen said...

Amazing and all down to everyones generosity. Thank you xx

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