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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Nicola has been

doing a little sharing with us organisers about what she has in mind for this month's class LO. Now we can't possible divulge all the detail now, it'd be more than our lives are worth but we think you're gonna love it.

What we can share is Janice's take on this month's sketch. 

Janice has been delving deep into her old GoGo kit leftovers to play along with ScrapaGoGo's GoGo Use It Up, as well as playing along with this month's crop sketch.

GoGo Use It Up is all about using up your stash and in the case of ScrapaGoGo kit subscribers making the most of ever last scrap of their box of GoGo goodies. If you'd like to play along why not register on the clubhouse and check out all that's going on.


hotpotato said...

love the LO Janice and a great way to use up those 'bits'.

vardymardy said...

looking good :)

vardymardy said...

I am a computer genius !!
Well, to be honest I'm not, but I have children who are :)

Janice said...

LOL you are so funny Jane! :)

JaneNotley said...

..and then they went back to uni and I couldn't post comments again. Relying on the baby now - what will I do when she goes ?????

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