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Sunday, 30 May 2010

May Crop

Photos coming real soon but for now a copy of the email that has been sent to those that attended yesterday just incase your ISP hides it somewhere!

Afternoon Ladies,

We wish to say a big thank you to everyone who came along to our launch
Create & Co Crop yesterday, we thoroughly enjoyed the day and hope that
you did too.

It was lovely to see so many happy crafters in one room and although the
sun didn't shine enough to get outside and take a group photo we do have a
few snapshots of the day that we will be popping on the Create & Co Blog
later, if you have any pictures of your finished classes please do email
them over and we will put these onto the Blog too:D

Nicola's delicious cupcakes sure did give a sugar boost to keep us
crafting into late evening and many of you that sampled the takeaway menu
from the Douglas Bader pub gave the thumbs up to the food being really
lovely, reasonable prices and piping hot!

We learn new ways of making life that little bit easier as we go along and
are looking out for some small pop up bins for each table so that the
collection of rubbish small and large is a simple process at the end of
the day. We have to take all our rubbish back with us and we are hoping
that this way will make that a simple and quick clean up task with all the
smaller bin rubbish going into just one large sack at the entrance as we
all leave.

We do hope you found the Newsletter interesting as well as informative
with all the details of what you will need to bring for June's Crop Class
Kit (included in the crop fee of just £7.50). Don't forget to look on the
Blog during the month for peeks of the class and further details of the
day's activities - like the surprise 'lucky dip' presents we handed out
this month:D

If you have any feedback or any suggestions of thingsyou would like to
see or have at our Create & Co Crop do let us know and we will work hard
to see what we can do.

Once again we thank you all for filling the room with happy faces, many
laughs and inspirational company,

Eileen, Janice, Lisa, Lorraine & Nicola

Create & Co


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